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Vespa World Days 2019 Zánka, Hungary

Date: 6–9 June 2019
Place: Zánka
Participants: 3000-5000 Vespa owners + companions
Thousands, if not tens of thousands of people convene at the largest world event of Vespa enthusiasts from dozens of different countries, often travelling thousands of kilometres with their Vespas, making friends with people of various ages and mentalities through the power of their love for Vespa.

The 2019 Vespa World Days will be hosted in Hungary. The Vespa World Days will take place in June, before the summer camps kick off and after the changeable weather conditions have passed, hosted by Vespa Club Hungary.
This summer, discover Vespa culture and the Hungarian Sea.

Vespa World Days in Hungary

The Vespa World Days is the celebration of the Vespa legend. The scooter, which has outgrown its original function as an affordable and practical vehicle, has become an icon and a favourite of generations of enthusiasts. Vespa and the love of its fans were born at the same time in 1946, when the first Vespa clubs were founded. Today, there are 53 officially registered national Vespa clubs as part of the Vespa World Club.

As a testament to that, Vespa enthusiasts from all over the world convene to celebrate their favourite two-wheeler. The 2019 event will be hosted in Hungary, along the shores of Lake Balaton, welcoming visitors from outside of Europe and all over the world. Since the introduction of their first motorcycle, Vespa has grown from a simple transportation vehicle into an icon. The expected number of participants is 3000-5000. The get-together of Vespa lovers is a beautiful story that is bound to become history.

Vespa abandoned the plan to create a simple transportation vehicle and instead went on to become a part of history and world heritage. The world days give us the opportunity to marvel at this transformation.

The 2019 Vespa World Days will be hosted in Zánka, Hungary, at the Zanka Sport and Event Center. Zánka is an ideal destination for the event, offering a wide range of choices for accommodation from hotels, inns, winterised holiday homes, apartments and cabins to the visitors of this renowned world event.

The event will also offer endless programme options. After the opening of the Vespa village and the Vespa service station, participants will be able to choose from numerous different activities.


organiser: Vespa Club Hungary

The club was founded in 2004 with the goal to connect the Vespa enthusiasts of Hungary. The club welcomes everyone: owners, mechanics, people who dream of Vespas, avid fans or those with an interest in Italian culture.

The club is registered in the Company Registry as a non-profit organisation, and is a member of the Vespa World Club. Vespa Club Hungary is the country’s only internationally registered club, and only official clubs can organise World Days. Our club nurtures good relationships with the clubs of neighbouring countries and we are invited to participate in the World Days every year.

The club is in contact with close to 300 Vespa enthusiasts across the country. Our members own almost all types of Vespa motorcycles. We are connected through our love for riding and old motorcycle models, as well as our dedication to preserving the Vespa brand.

Hungary hosts a spectacular, unique, international motorcycle event in the summer of 2019.
The Vespa World Days promise adventure, excitement and fun.