From Scooterists – for Scooterists.
At SIP Scootershop this is no marketing slogan, but passion and attitude from all who work here. The SIP Scootershop team consists of more than 50 staff members – highly motivated, crosswise thinking, addicted. We are not the typical hotline-call-center-machines-what-can-we-do-for-you guys but genuine Scooterists who would like to offer you a top service: from our trainees in the warehouse to the executive suite.

Homepage: www.sip-scootershop.com


Dockyard is Hungarian clothes shop which collets many clothes brand like Columbia, Helly Hansen, O’Neill. They are privacy seller of Vespa shoes and bags in Hungary.

Homepage: www.dockyard.hu

Petralito Service 

“You love Vespa? We love you…”

An innovative Italian company, which offers several services related to the world and passion of Vespa. They deal with the most special motors and accessories from 1946 till nowadays. Among others the company offers several services from purchase to swap op Vespas, restauration, but they offer their “two-wheeled jewellery” for film shooting and photographs as well.

Homepage: http://www.petralitoservice.it/

Products premium tirs for motorcycles and scoters.

Based in Germany, Heidenau’s history of producing handcrafted and carefully engineered tires dates back to 1946. From the company’s earliest days every engineer and shop worker was dedicated to manufacturing tires that increased performance, longevity, and value. Heidenau maintains this commitment today by investing in research and development, people, and machinery.

Homepage: https://www.heidenautires.com/

A brand that moves and fills with enthusiasm

Enthusiasm – the driving force behind all our thoughts and actions. With their dedication and passion, their ideas and abilities, our more than 800 employees have made LIQUI MOLY what it is today: a globally renowned manufacturer of premium quality lubricants, motor oils, additives, vehicle care products, chemical repair tools, service products, glues and sealants.

A global trademark for top quality that fills customers with enthusiasm. A worldwide brand, made in Germany.

Homepage: https://www.liqui-moly.com/

Motor Line 

Motor Line Kft. Has been engaged in the distribution, retail and wholesale trade of motor equipment, accessories and accessories since 1992. Over the past few years, they have continuously expanded their range of products. During their 26 years of operation, they have been constantly working to promote motorcycling and motoring. Their mission is to select the most up-to-date and best value-for-money items one by one with a motorized eye so that even the most demanding customers can find the right products for them in our stores.

Homepage: https://motoros-ruhazat.hu

Black Sheep
Behind the beans

At the end of August Debrecen’s first truly unique coffee roast was opened! Fresh youthful design, homemade cookies and specialty coffees await those at Debrecen Csapó utca 23. You can have a coffee and watch the coffee roast at the same time. Here at Black Sheep, we’re just as committed to the communities we’re a part of, the people we serve and the world we live in as we are about serving great coffee.

Homepage: https://black-sheep.hu/



Today PINASCO presents itself as a point of reference in the field of processing and electronics applied to scooters, with the result of forty years of experience products. All Pinasco products on the site and catalogs are designed and built for racing purposes.

Homepage: https://www.pinasco.com/

Moto Ricambi Europa
We Are Vespa. Are you VESPA? Love Vespa!

Moto Ricambi Europa is a large and established company in the field of accessories and spare parts for motorcycles, scooters and Vespas, but also clothing. It is a point of reference for all motorcyclists in Campania and the surrounding area, and thanks to the internet channel now also in the entire national and international territory. The competence and professionalism of its owners and employees is the strength of the company. Inside the store, you can find the best brands of the moment. The activity is mainly carried out in the fixed location located in Brusciano (NA) (shop open to the public) but for some years it has been decided to use an effective and innovative tool such as online sales both on the E-commerce platform and between the major Ebay Marketplace, Amazon.

Homepage: https://motoricambieuropa.it/

Bollag Motos

Der Firmengründer von Bollag Motos, Ralph Bollag, beschäftigt sich seit seiner Jugend mit dem schönsten Motorroller der Welt: Der Vespa.

Bereits Mitte der 1980er Jahre interessierte sich Ralph für die Geschichte der Vespa und die klassischen Modelle aus den 1950er und 1960er Jahren. Diese liessen sein Herz schon damals höher schlagen. Je älter die Vespa, umso höher schlägt sein Herz auch heute noch.

Bollag Motos steht für die Leidenschaft zu einem der genialsten Motorroller der Welt und dem Wunsch, die klassischen Vespas den heutigen Bedürfnissen von Mobilität anzupassen.

Ralph verfügt über eine gut ausgestattete Werkstatt, sowie einem professionellen CAD System, so dass die meisten Produkte ,in house‘ entwickelt, gefertigt und getestet werden.

Homepage:  https://bollagmotos.ch/

Gr Comunicazioni

La nostra azienda viene fondata ufficialmente nel 1999, avevo ancora 10 anni, sin dai primi anni bazzicavo nella serigrafia di famiglia tra macchine e colori fondata all’epoca dai miei genitori e mio zio; nel 1998 le strade si sono divise, un anno più tardi comincia la nostra storia.

La nostra azienda ha sempre mantenuto un profilo a gestione familiare occupandosi di serigrafia e tampografia; ricordo all’epoca si stampavano i gadget (penne, accendini portachiavi, agende calendari) ancora con i telai incisi a lampada ad altro voltaggio in una stanza buia (guai ad entrarci quando era in atto la fotoemulsione) e le formine ricavata dal DAS.

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/pg/GrComunicazioni

Genuine cool ass

The idea for CoolAss came to us in 2004, while watching fellow bikers put towels, helmets, jackets, and even garbage bags (yes, garbage bags!) on their seats to help keep them cool and dry. My wife, Jan, and I felt there had to be a better way. We thought something like a large, oblong, heat-reflective shower cap for a seat would work. It did. We thought it would be simple to design and manufacture. It wasn’t.

It took 16 months, seven trial materials and thousands of dollars to find the perfect formula. A CoolAss that was durable, feather light, compact, water resistant, UV-protected, and on and on! After months of testing the best material and abusing it to no end, Genuine CoolAss was finally ready to go in the spring of 2006.

Homepage: http://www.genuinecoolass.com/