The Vespa World Days in Hungary is located in Zánka.

Zánka, a town along Lake Balaton is situated close to the Tihany peninsula, on the way to Badacsony. Its population is quite small, making the town an ideal choice for visitors who wish to leave the bustle of cities behind. Stepping out of the rat race, Zánka offers numerous opportunities for relaxing. Everyone can find the activities they are looking for from active to more passive recreation. Enthusiasts of historical monuments can view the unique reformed church built in the 11th century, and the country house museum presenting 18th century culture and agriculture. This northern Balaton town offers bountiful programme choices in any season of the year.

Zánka, situated on the northern shore of the Hungarian sea is famous for its children’s camp, which will be home to this year’s Vespa World Day. The Vespa Village and Museum will take over the green land of Zanka Sport and Event Center Campground, accompanied by various food and drink trucks.

North Balaton

What is the difference between the northern and southern part of Lake Balaton? The northern shore of the Balaton deepens faster, making it ideal for water sports and a favourite spot for swimmers and people looking for more active sport opportunities.

The northern shore of the Hungarian Sea is also a top holiday spot with its pleasant beaches and idyllic environment for tourists. The area is protected from the notorious northern wind by forests, orchards and vineyard hills.

One of the top spots of this part of the lake is the small town of Balatonfüred. The town has been famous since the 19th century for its many thermal springs. On top of all this, the natural landscape is enriched by the Tihany peninsula protruding into the lake.

Another prominent sight of the region is Badacsony, due in part to its high quality wines. In addition, numerous holiday towns line the northern shore, welcoming tourists. Colourful stores, restaurants and inns along the road give a Mediterranean vibe to the area.