Participation pass

Registration for the VWD 2019 is only possible through the officially registered Vespa Clubs.

As always, registrations are done on Vespa World Club event registration web page by your national Vespa Club which is authorized to register individual members or to issue local club sub-user login information. Therefore, for any details regarding registration, please contact your national Vespa Club. Official clubs can delegate their members, but there is no option for private persons to register.

Practically, the event is exclusive for the members of the Vespa Club community. You must indicate your intentest to your local club, so they can reserve your place.
Clubs can either purchase

  • SOLD OUT  – FULL ENTRY participation pass for 28.000 HUF/person (this includes gala dinner) or
  • LIGHT ENTRY participation pass for 21.500/person (without the dinner)

Notify your club at your earliest convenience!

Due to the expected high interest in full entry participation pass, these are expected to sell out in the first weeks. Once these are gone, (from mid January onwards) only light entry participation pass will be available.
Thank you for your cooperation and see you soon