Some of the concerts will energize you, some will make you dance – some will bring a sentimental mood and some of them will make you crazy. 🙂 A vide variety of musical acts are going to take place during VWD2019, entertaining the audience in every way possible.


13-17h Dj Demarco
17-17:30h Opening ceremony
17:30-19h Blues Bell
19:30-22h Blackbirds and Stoned
22-24h Dj Demarco


16-17h Sobri Táncműhely
17-17:30h Dynamite Dudes
17:30h Fabio Salini – talkshow
18-18:30h Dynamite Dudes
18:30-20:00h Spencer Hill Magic Band
20-20:30h Dynamite Dudes
20:30-22h Sonny and his wild cows
22-24h Dj Fuxy & Dj LaLa


Saturday – Vespa village
14:30-16h Indián Joe Band
16:45-17:15 Mario e Sandra in viaggio – talkshow
16:00-18h Band Of StreetS
18-18:30h VWD2020 – Indonézia 
18:30-21h Fun Company
21-24h Partyarts Showband
24-02h DJ Blaise


Saturday- Sun City Balatonfüred
10:30-11:30h Dynamite Dudes
11:30-12h Vespa Acrobatics – München