Introducing the viniculture of Badacsony

Badacsony is a town emerging between the two bays of Lake Balaton. Some know it as a holiday destination, some as a wine region. Apart from its beautiful panoramic views, Badacsony is also internationally renowned for its wines. The soil of the volcanic hill is excellent for producing grapes, which yield high quality wine in this small Balaton town.

Badacsony is one of Hungary’s best known wine regions, with its area covering close to 2000 hectares. The mild climate of the region makes it especially conducive to growing grapes. It has two famous grape varieties in particular: the Pinot Gris and the Olaszriesling. Another popular variety is the Badacsony Muscatel, which is the speciality of the town. Badacsony rightly received the prestigious title of “International Grape and Wine Town”. Enthusiasts of quality wine cannot miss the opportunity to visit Badacsony, Hungary’s most famous wine region. The wine cellars are always lively with visitors and open to all wine lovers.

The gastronomical treasures of Káli Bay

Káli Bay, part of the Balaton Uplands National Park, is bustling in the summer and quiet in the winter. However, it shows its true colours in the autumn – the time of harvest. Like the summer, the autumn also sees flocks of tourists visiting the Balaton region. One thing is for sure: regardless of the season, Káli Bay invariably offers exceptional gastronomical experiences.

The area is famous for its gastronomical variety, which ensures that everyone can find something to their liking. A speciality of the region is that the restaurants offer seasonal menus; some prioritise seasonal tastes to the extent that they change their menus every three days. Enthusiasts of traditional tastes, on the other hand, can find Balaton’s signature fish and chips in the so-called “red chequered” restaurants. The Káli Bay is rightly famous for its gastronomical treasures.